Custom woven fabrics

Our physical archive of tartan samples and our digital plaid library are both the world's largest, or we'll work to your design. We produce tartans, plaids, stripes, plains - in fact almost any pattern in any material.

We have produced more tartans than anyone else on earth, and our archive is the world's largest. But we produce much more than plaids. We also weave plains, stripes, asymmetric plaids, and more - though note that we do not do jacquard weaving; our patterns are always based on rectilinear principles.


And we have even more exciting fabrics in development - watch this space.


Tartan Library


This is by far the world's largest tartan reference resource. Uniquely, we display our full tartan library photorealistically in every conventional weaving palette.


We can weave any tartan ever recorded - or imaginable. Below (or from the top of any page) you can search official tartans from the Scottish Tartans Register. Or just ask if you need to identify a tartan.


If you wish to see a special tartan in any palette, please just ask. Or you can of course design your own tartan. Please ask for details.


Find your tartan


Dispatch is typically 8-10 weeks, but changes according to our workload and the time of year. If you have an urgent deadline we can often help, so please do ask.

Tartan weaving the traditional way at DC Dalgliesh