Shade matching for custom weaves

We use the latest spectroscopic technology to achieve excellent results when dying to match your colour samples

When you need your fabric to be an exact colour, we can precision-dye any yarn to order. The best results come from matching a physical sample, which we use the latest spectroscopic technology to analyse.


A degree of batch variability is of course inevitable. And colour is always a subjective experience, which can vary according to factors such as the material type, light, context, and even mood. But with a good reference source ot work from, our methods enable us to achieve excellent results.


Special dyeing is possible in any volume, even for small samples. But it is more accurate and economical with larger batches.


This service may be chargeable. And our production schedule will depend on both dyeing time and your sample approval.

Precision dying for tartan shade matching

At our dye house we can precision-dye any shade you want