Special fabric finishes

On our own premises, or in partnership with our local finishing specialists, we offer an almost unlimited choice of special finishes for our fabrics. (Some of these are conducted as standard with our regular fabrics.)


If you do not see the service you want listed here, please enquire.



  • Aqueous scouring
  • BloMill scouring
  • Solvent scouring


  • Stock milling
  • Roller milling


  • Multi-layer tenters
  • Gas-fired stenters for drying and curing
  • Drying up to 3.5 metres wide

Chemical finishes

  • Flameproofing to test standards (Zirpro)
  • Teflon finish
  • Fluorocarbon finish
  • Resin treatments
  • Softeners
  • Anti-pill treatments
  • Anti-microbial treatments


  • Piece-dyeing: wool, cashmere, mohair, cotton etc
  • Bleaching
  • Laboratory dyeing facility
  • Colour matching by spectrophotometer
  • Stock holding of customers’ goods prepared for dyeing


  • Hand-knotting
  • Tassels
  • Purling
  • Plain fringing


  • Card wire raising
  • Teazle raising
  • Rippling for cashmere and mohair

Dry finishing

  • Knotting and darning
  • Bagging
  • Cropping
  • Blowing: continuous and batch
  • High temperature decatising
  • Rotary pressing
  • Paper pressing


  • Customer yarn shades
  • Plain fabrics for piece-dying
  • Woven fabrics, for garment making

special fabric finishes

Piece-dyeing of single-shade fabrics is also available