Our History

Dixon Colton Dalgliesh first came to public prominence as a leading expert on tartans, and an enthusiastic advocate of their heritage and traditions.

Then in 1947, finding it hard to source the quality of traditional tartan fabric he knew to be possible, Dick decided to go into weaving himself.

The first D.C.Dalgliesh mill was set up in Selkirk, Scotland. It was a small affair, with only a handful of single-width looms. In those days these were of course entirely pedal-powered.

He ran the business together with his wife, Anne. While Dick was managing the mill back in Selkirk, Anne was often away looking for customers - several times a year, for six weeks per journey. She found Dick's superior fabrics an easy product to sell, and in time became a prominent businesswoman in Scotland.

They soon outgrew the original premises. So in 1965 the family built a new mill in Selkirk, the same building that we still occupy today. More space enabled the company to invest in double width looms, to expand the range from only the single width fabrics it had produced until then.

In 2011 the business united with Scotweb, who contribute their specialist internet skills to help find us new global markets for our products - a winning mix of modernity and tradition. And with our skilled and trusted workforce, we aim always to stay true to Dick's original vision of uncompromising authentic quality and outstanding customer care.

Dixon Colton Dalgliesh

Dixon Colton and Anne Dalgliesh


View over the Mill district of Selkirk