DC Dalgliesh in the Media

TV shows, magazines, and bloggers love our traditional skills and picturesque methods. And we love to welcome them, and show them all about what we do. Here's a few of our favourite pieces.

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Border Life: DC Dalgliesh Tartan Weavers


A wonderful short film by our local ITV franchise about the history of tartan, and how we are helping to keep its traditions alive by making it relevant to the modern world.


  1. Watch it now (13 minutes))




Vogue Magazine





We feature in magazines and newpapers regularly. So here are just a few articles we've particularly liked.


2015 WGSN
2014 The Chromologist (Farrow & Ball house magazine)
2014 Bespoke magazine (Italy)
2014 Period Living magazine
2013 ANA (All Nippon Airways) magazine  
2013 Vogue  




tartan and tweed book





We've featured in countless books, usually about fashion or textiles, but also even as the model for a lead character in best-selling Romantic Fiction!


  1. Claudia Joseph: How to Dress Like a Princess
  2. Ciji Ware: That Autumn in Edinburgh
  3. Lynn McCrossan: Cashmere: A Guide to Scottish Luxury
  4. Caroline Young & Ann Martin: Tartan & Tweed







So good they filmed us thrice...


When we worked with much-loved Canadian airline Westjet to develop a tartan celebrating their new route to Scotland, they were so excited they made not one film about our project, but three! They're all worth watching.


  1. Holywood-style trailer (very cool)
  2. The making of the Westjet tartan
  3. Tartan Tail Time-Lapse





Social Media




We love to see what fashion creatives do with our fabrics and products. Does anyone still believe tartan can only be used in traditional ways?


  1. Revolution on the Tweed
  2. What Kate Wore
  3. Forever Yours Betty
  4. The Sound of Weaving (video)Brass Buttons & Confidence
  5. Tartan Brunette
  6. Menswear Whisky




ITV tonight kate middleton duchess cambridge

ITV Tonight


Kate's Baby Bounce


ITV's flagship current affairs programme came to learn about the effect on our business of producing one of Kate Middleton's favourite accessories. Presented by Laura Kuenssberg, now BBC Political Editor.


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