Tartan Design

We'd love to help you conceive and create your own unique plaid

DC Dalgliesh has woven more tartans than any other mill on earth.


We've designed some of the most widely loved and enduring patterns. And we've created plaids for clients that include royalty, household name celebrities, and multinational corporations... and people like you.


Whatever your reason for thinking about designing your own tartan, your needs are unique. So we treat each enquiry with the same respect, and commit ourselves to helping you achieve a result that speaks to you, and for you.


The process is always individual, but generally starts with you telling us whatever ideas you have. These might be an almost ready-to-weave treatment already, or as little as your favourite colours. We'll take it from there, and work with you until you're delighted.


Please just get in touch. We promise it will be something you'll talk about with delight for years to come.

DC Dalgliesh tartan design

Commission your tartan design from our expert team