Our sustainable values

Upholding the past, protecting the future. Our fabrics are more than just their materials

Being the champion of our traditional industry means being able to learn from the past and use it to improve the future. As custodians of artisanal skills, we feel our responsibility to use all we know and do all we can to protect the future. Of our industry. Our local area. And our planet.


We create heirloom pieces, not throwaway fashion. Rising above passing trends, our products are kept as timeless classics, often passed down through generations. And as these pieces are used daily or cherished at significant occasions, then handed on, they create their own history. They become more than a purchase. They are family heritage. They're memories.


We exercise a zero waste policy. Practically nothing goes unused, whether it's when we overdye yarn remainders to reuse in another fabric, or collect up oddments to go towards new creations.


We support local suppliers, reducing energy use. We dye our own colours just along the road. Our fabrics ate finished just a few minutes away. We even use a local blacksmith for when our historic looms need parts.


Sustainability has always been our way. We champion natural fibres, select products and processes that minimize the use of any unnatural components, and avoid using anything in our practice that would be harmful to our natural environment.

We also minimise packaging, and today we operate largely paperless systems. It is our policy to reduce both material waste and travel by sustituting electronic media wherever possible.


So you know that our products won't cost the earth.

Dr Nick Fiddes & Dr  Adele Telford, our Directors

Dr Nick Fiddes & Dr Adele Telford, our Directors